A Studie Of Cartoon Creation And Animation

This project was created in Blender 2.8 as a test for animation. Densel is my first cartoon project, using references from other animated anthropomorphic characters.


Densel was created as my take on cartoon characters, which came from an idea I got moments after I found out about the Principled Hair Shader. Disney used this hair shader for their anthropomorphic characters, so I made a similar character. The animation was quite short because at the time I did not know how to optimize the blender scene correctly, it is also known that blender tends to lag when an animation has a rigged character with hair particles. So, I settled with an emote animation instead.

Erik Hundal

Creative & dedicated student of 3D character design

I am a student of 3D character design, exploring everything from mesh creation, rigging, texturing to animation and post production. I am using Caster.se to post my latest work in 3D design.

What I Do
  • Mesh creation
  • Texturing
  • Rigging
  • Weight painting
  • Animation
  • Lighting
  • Post production
  • Video editing